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Our work

These are examples of the work we do for our clients and a few of our own contributions to the developer community.

Recent client projects

We worked with StackShare to launch Awesome Stacks, a community-curated list of tech stacks for building different applications and features. Read more ››

Technical content

We create strategic content on behalf of clients and for the developer community at-large.



Past work


Developer relations

How to scale community support for APIs: DevXCon 2017
Scaling Community by Webhooking All the Things: OSSAT 2017

Customer insights

How Understanding Customer Health Score Can Streamline Sales: Heavybit - July 2017


MDX, authors, and richer JAMStack content: JAMStack Paris - May 2019
Load dynamic serverless content faster with search - August 2017

Open source projects

Technology expertise

Here are a few of the technologies we have extensive experience with. We use these tools to deliver client projects as well as advise some of the companies working on them.